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Lesson Information:

These lessons are designed for people who want to get some experience with horses, but do not have any aspirations of going faster than a trot, or jumping. For the most part, these lessons are a pre-cursor to people who want to go for long trail rides in Fair Hill, or just want to get some light exercise in each week. These are great lessons for families of different skills and abilities.

Lessons are $30/person

Available for semi-private lessons

Continued lessons will cover

  • Walk/ Some Trot

  • Introduction to Safe Trail Riding

  • Introduction to Obstacle Challenges

  • Caring and maintaining the horse and his well being


ALL riders must wear:

  • Long pants or breeches

  • Shirts that completely cover the shoulder 
    (no tank tops)

  • Shoes or boots with a small heel and hard sole

  • Current certified helmet

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