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What Do I Need?

A Checklist for the New Rider

What Does My Rider REALLY Need?

Many people are unsure of what to get a new rider, especially when you walk into a horse store and see all the cool things to buy, and then the price tags.

When starting out, a rider should consider first buying:

 Equestrian Riding Helmet (though ONRA does have spares for new/novice riders)

 Riding Boots (any boot with a 1" heel is best, riding boots are designed for riding and can be found inexpensively)

 Schooling/Riding Breeches (long  pants of any kind work)


What Does ONRA Provide for My Ride?

Opening Number provides all of the necessary horse tack for your lesson.  We do recommend buying a brush box once riders become more advanced (for personal preference and to prevent against germs/viruses) with the following tools :

 Hard (Body) Brush

 Soft (Dandy) Brush

 Hoof Pick

 Mane/Tail (Hair) Brush

 Curry Comb

 Shedding Blade

 Lead Rope

 Riding crop

As the rider continues with their education, some other things they may wish to add to their horse supplies are:

 Half chaps

 Saddle Pad


As riders improve, they may want to bring their own saddle and bridle. For saddle and bridle fitting, we ask that you check with an ONRA trainer to make sure you purchase a saddle that will fit the horse(s) you are riding.


Saddles are like shoes, not all shoes fit all feet; not all saddles fit all backs.

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